How Does the SSA Decide if I am Disabled?

The Social Security Administration uses a legal test called the 5 Step Sequential Analysis to determine if a person is disabled.  This legal test is made up of five questions.  The five questions are the following: 

  1. Is the claimant working at substantial gainful activity level?
  2. Does the claimant have severe mental or physical impairment(s)?
  3. Does the claimant have severe mental or physical impairment(s) that meet or equal a medical listing?
  4. Based on the claimant's residual functional capacity (RFC), can the claimant perform his/her past relevant work?
  5. Based on the claimant's RFC, age, education, and work experience, can the claimant make an adjustment to other work?

Between step three and four the SSA will determine your RFC.  Your RFC is the most that you can do despite your limitations. The SSA will consider all of your medical evidence to determine your RFC. 

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